Anne Emery

Anne Emery is a lawyer and the award-winning author of the Collins–Burke mystery series. Her novels are set in her home province of Nova Scotia as well as in Ireland, London, and New York. She has won an Arthur Ellis Award, an Independent Publisher Book Award silver medal, and the Dartmouth Book Award for Fiction.

Her main characters include Monty Collins, a criminal lawyer who finds release singing the blues in his favorite seedy bar, and Monty’s daughter Normie. Normie, like her spooky great-grandmother in Gaelic Cape Breton, is gifted with second sight. Then we have Father Brennan Burke. A formidable personality who does not always stick to his vows, Brennan elicits strong feelings in readers, ranging from “He’s not fit to scrub the floors of that church!” to “I’m a single woman. Where can I meet him?”

The series also features other members of the Burke family, who were forced to leave Ireland at the point of a rifle and who washed up in Hell’s Kitchen, New York. Anne has been praised for her well-developed characters and dialogue. She has also been called “one of Canada’s finest novelists” (Ottawa Review of Books). See Anne’s books and reviews at


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Anne Emery

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