Dan Gutman

Dan Gutman was born in a log cabin in Illinois and used to write by candlelight with a piece of chalk on a shovel. 

Oh, wait a minute. That was Abraham Lincoln. 

Actually, Dan Gutman grew up in New Jersey and he writes on a laptop computer. 

When he was a boy, Dan didn’t like to read, and his books are most popular with reluctant readers today. You may be familiar with his My Weird School series, the Genius Files series, the Baseball Card Adventure series, or some of his other books for young readers, such as Rappy the Raptor, The Kid Who Ran for President, The Homework Machine, or The Million Dollar Shot. Dan lives in New York City with his wife, Nina. For more information about Dan and his books, please visit dangutman.com or follow him on Twitter or Instagram (@dangutmanbooks). 

My Weird School Series

Baseball Card Adventures Series

Funny Boy Series

Genius Files Series

My Weird School Daze Series

My Weird School Special Series

My Weirder School Series

My Weirdest School Series


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Dan Gutman

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