Robyn Carr

After being published for the first time in 1978, it took Robyn Carr 30 years to become an "overnight" success. In the years between the publication of Chelynne and the 2007 release of Virgin River, Robyn wrote a number of contemporary, historical, and women’s fiction novels, including the RITA Award–winning By Right of Arms.

The first book in the wildly popular Virgin River series was published in 2007, and it was only a year later with the release of A Virgin River Christmas that Robyn finally hit the New York Times bestseller list. She has been a fixture on the list ever since!

Those who try to explain Robyn’s “sudden” success might say it was because she was on the leading edge of a trend toward small-town romances. The truth is, Robyn’s Virgin River and Thunder Point series, like her earlier Grace Valley books, are a blend of romance and women’s fiction—books that not only entertain but also address sensitive issues such as domestic violence, health risks, and post-traumatic stress disorder, anything that can compromise a woman’s happiness because she’s female. And there’s no denying that Robyn has a way with words. Her voice is unique and takes her readers into the hearts and minds of the brave men and women who have served in the military, into the families left behind, and into those who confront challenges head-on in their search for love and fulfillment. 


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Robyn Carr