L.J. Ganser

The most frequent question people ask L.J. about narrating audiobooks is, “How long does it take you to record one of those things?” And he always answers, “That depends. Because if we’re talking about Russell Shorto’s The Island at the Center of the World, a book of 15 fascinating hours of listening time (which happened to win an Audie Award for nonfiction book of the year), then I’d say that took a little under 30 hours in the studio. But if we’re talking about Zero the Hero, which clocks in at an extremely enjoyable 15 minutes, with lots of funny voices from ‘Zero’ to ‘Ten,’ I’d say that took about an hour in the studio.” So that’s why he always says, “That depends.”

He’s also often asked for recommendations of favorite books he’s recorded. Here’s a short list of his personal favs: Nobody’s Fool, A Bend in the Road, Next, The Burglar, Native Son, Fairy Tale Detectives, Apollo 13, Capital in the Twenty-first Century, The Raft, White Jazz, Frankenstein Takes the Cake, Quackenstein, How They Croaked, Sins of the Assassin, Cow Country, and The Hidden Half of Nature. The list goes on and continues to grow.

When not recording books, L.J. performs in a variety of fashions and formats: NYC stage work, TV commercials (these days usually for pharmaceutical products with long disclaimers warning consumers about the potential hazards of ingesting said products), charity auctioneer, licensed New York state real-estate salesperson, avid bicyclist, swimmer, family man and dog owner. He lives in New York City.


White Cargo by Stuart Woods audio preview

L.J. Ganser

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