Recorded Books imprints offer collections of audiobooks and DVDs for the discerning library patron. These imprints showcase regional favorites, specific genres, short stories, foreign and independent films, and much more. With bestselling, critically acclaimed, and award-winning titles, these imprints deliver works that will be enjoyed for years to come. Standing order plans (SOPs) include automatic free shipping for any imprint.

Classics Library

The Classics Library audiobooks are the best of the best. These titles represent the height of literary achievement and have endured long after countless bestsellers have fallen out of public favor.

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Clipper Audio

Clipper Audio features the best in British entertainment. Philip Kerr, Val McDermid, Paul Theroux, Dorothy Dunnett, and John Harvey are only a few of the popular authors included in this collection of outstanding audiobooks from across the pond.

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Development Library

The Development Library offers titles that enable patrons to achieve personal and professional success. Addressing all facets of life, the collection features popular, groundbreaking works from industry leaders, business gurus, and the most sought-after life coaches.

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Griot Audio

Featuring the best of African-American literature, Griot Audio delivers popular fiction, classic tales from award-winning authors, and thought-provoking nonfiction.

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Inspirational Library

Inspirational fiction is the second most popular genre in the United States, and this imprint delivers wholesome, hopeful, and uplifting audiobooks that refresh the spirit even as they entertain.

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Maple Leaf Audio

Maple Leaf Audio features an exciting selection of audiobooks that are written by Canadian authors, that relate to the Canadian experience, and that are books of general interest to Canadians.

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Mystery Library

The Mystery Library is a collection of classic and contemporary thrillers by the best in the business. This exceptional selection of audiobooks features bestselling American and British authors as well as a wide array of mystery subgenres that appeal to the most discerning patrons.

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Romantic Sounds Audio

Romantic Sounds Audio is an imprint featuring story lines that sweep audiences off their feet. The most popular classification in modern literature includes contemporary and historical romance as well as suspenseful thrillers, erotica, fantasy, and much more!

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Sci-Fi Audio

The Sci-Fi Audio imprint of bestselling science-fiction and fantasy titles features a wide variety of works, from classics to bestsellers, cult hits to critically acclaimed award winners.

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Western Library

The Western Library delivers popular, critically acclaimed audiobooks about life in the Great American West, as well as thundering tales set on the Canadian frontier.

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