The Great Courses

The Great Courses line of audio and video lectures provides unlimited access to the world's most engaging professors. These acclaimed, award-winning instructors enable patrons to delve into an immersive learning experience, covering such diverse subjects as history, science, philosophy, mathematics, literature, economics, and the arts. Professors such as Jennifer Paxton of Georgetown University, Thomas Childers of the University of Pennsylvania, Peter Vishton of the College of William & Mary, and Andrew R. Wilson from the U.S. Naval War College are examples of the esteemed instructors featured in this series.

Standing Order Plan (SOP)

An SOP for The Great Courses guarantees the delivery of outstanding new lectures each quarter. Courses are available on DVD, and up to four lectures are recorded and automatically shipped each quarter at a 20% discount. Free shipping is included and full digital processing is available upon request.

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