SYNC: Bronx Masquerade

Sponsored by AudioFile Magazine, SYNC is a free summer audiobook program for teens 13+. SYNC is dedicated to introducing the listening experience to the teen audience and demonstrates that Required Reading can be completed by listening. This season SYNC is giving away 32 titles—two paired audiobook downloads a week—from April 27th through August 16th 2017.  

This week they are giving away free audiobook downloads of Bronx Masquerade by Nikki Grimes! Visit to get your free download. The giveaway for this title ends on May 17. 

Acclaimed poet, novelist, journalist, and educator Nikki Grimes was born and raised in New York City. Each of the 18 kids in Mr. Ward's inner city classroom has something important to say, but some don't even realize it. Then Mr. Ward begins to have "open mic" poetry slams once a month on Fridays. Young adult listeners will identify with the characters in Bronx Masquerade as they explore questions about life and self-expression. "As always, Grimes gives young people exactly what they're looking for-real characters who show them they are not alone."-School Library Journal

The audiobook is read by a full cast: Jessica Almasy, Kevin R. Free, Marc Damon Johnson, Sisi Aisha Johnson, Melanie Martinez, and Cherise Boothe. Hear an excerpt! 

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