Tips to Help Promote Audiobooks at Your Library

As we mentioned in our previous blog post "Value of Audiobook CDs in Your Library's Collection,Recorded Books is offering a special year-end sale of audiobooks on CD. Recorded Books published titles that have a release date prior to September 30, 2017 will be 60% off the list price. Over 10,000 titles are on sale from November 1, 2017 through December 1, 2017. Please use promo code YES60 when purchasing in order to receive the discount.  

But what is the best way to promote audiobooks at your library and encourage your patrons to give the format a try? Here are some great suggestions to celebrate—and circulate—audiobooks at your library.

  • Shelve audiobooks next to print books
    Try placing audiobooks in the New Books section, so patrons know the format is available, and they can reach for the audio when the hardcover is checked out. 
  • Place audiobooks near the circulation desk
    This is a prime location to increase discoverability and also encourages more impulse browsing.
  • Include audiobooks in your book clubs
    This is a great way to introduce audiobooks to avid readers and book lovers, and will attract existing audiobook users to your book club. Or, start an audiobook club!
  • Connect audiobooks with schools' summer reading lists
    Combining print and audio increases recall 40% over print alone. Read more in our Listening for Literacy blog post. 
  • Suggest audiobooks for family road trips
    Include audiobooks in a family road trip display during peak vacation times in the summer. Listening to audiobooks together creates a shared bond and can even lead to a discussion about the story and the performance.
  • Add audiobook clips to your website
    This encourages your patrons to more confidently give the audio a try.
  • Apply "also available on audio" labels to your print books 
    This alerts patrons that an audiobook version is available for the title they're interested in. 





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