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MARC Records Customization:

What are customized MARC records?
Customized MARC records include information specific to the purchasing library. The MARC Management process allows you to edit any of the fields on a standard MARC record with library-specific values, such as fund codes, branch locations, and notes.

How do templates work?
Templates need to be set up before building a cart. As you create templates, you are providing specific information or data for the MARC record fields for the products within a cart. Templates and data sets may be used repeatedly until deleted. Any template or data set may be manually overwritten while in the cart view. Only one template is allowed per cart, but each template may contain several data sets. Only one data set is applied per product.

How do I customize MARC records?
The account administrator has the ability to select the users who can access the MARC Management process.

You must be logged-in to your account to begin MARC Customization. From your account's Dashboard, click on MARC Management. Click Create New MARC template. A new window will open with four tabs across the top. The Template tab should be open. The first step is simply giving your template a name. Clicking the NEXT button will automatically save the template name and take you to the MARC Locations tab.

Identify specific locations for this template on the MARC Locations tab. Location Codes, Location Fund Codes/Other, and Location Names are not required fields for a template, but these are the most popular for customization.

The next tab is MARC Custom Fields. Here you have the ability to add up to 20 custom fields to MARC Records that are specific to your library’s needs. Provide the Field Name, Field Type, and the Values. The Field Type offers you the ability to designate that field as either Text, a Drop-down selection, or a Note. A Text field may contain a short, single line of characters and spaces. A Drop-down field may contain a list of possible options for choosing a value. A Note field contains a larger amount of text (a paragraph or more).These fields will be added to the MARC Record through the mapping process which is on the last tab.

The last tab is MARC Mapping, on which you may designate the MARC tag and subfield for your locations, custom fields, and standard system-generated fields.

What are Data Sets?
Data sets are specific preset values for each of the custom fields on your template and MARC record. For instance, you may have a template for Children’s Audiobooks with a data set for each branch location, so the location and quantity will be automatically selected on each item within the cart. Although this provides easier and quicker access to the data within the cart, creating a data set is not required.

To create Data Sets, return to the MARC Management page by clicking on MARC Management at the top of the cart or on the My Account Dashboard. On the MARC Management page, below the template name that you want to use, click on the plus sign next to Data Sets. A new window will open showing the custom fields and locations assigned to this template. You can name the data set and provide specific quantities for your locations. Click Save in the lower right.

After the templates have been set up, create a new cart and populate it with the desired products. In the cart view, click on Apply MARC Template on the top navigation bar and select a template from the drop-down. The selected template name will appear in the navigation bar next to MARC Management.
If you have created data sets, select the products you wish to assign to a specific data set and click on Apply MARC Data, found in the bar above the items in the shopping cart. The red bar under the product price will indicate the data set applied to that product. Click to review and then edit, if necessary, the data on that MARC record.

If the red bar under the price shows an exclamation point, Item Data: Custom (!), the quantities in the cart do not match those of the template. You can click on the bar to edit the MARC Record quantity or choose a different Data Set. If the quantities do not match on any product in the cart, an alert message will appear below the Promotional Code (next to Check Out). Invalid MARC data: Filter titles will allow you to see only those titles that don’t have equal quantities on both the MARC Record and in the cart. Invalid MARC data will not prevent you from checking out the cart.
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