Unlimited Patron Access to the Best in Online Video Test Preparation Courses

ePrep courses feature expert video instruction, available anytime and anywhere, day or night, at home or on the road. Because the courses are student-adaptable, having ePrep is like having a private tutor every step of the way.


Through keen insight and broad experience, master teachers are uniquely positioned to engage students by imparting the knowledge and strategies proven to maximize test scores. Using a well established “test-grade-review” methodology and a proprietary video-based delivery platform, ePrep makes connecting with experts affordable and possible—anytime and from virtually anywhere in the world.

ePrep students maximize their scores by practicing under test-simulated conditions. Expert instructors then answer questions and solve problems in the same pencil-paper environment that students will experience on test day. By engaging both the students’ eyes and ears while demonstrating how to solve test problems in real time, ePrep magnifies understanding and retention.




  • Magnifies understanding and retention by aural, visual, and tactile engagement with test problems in real time
  • Allows students to maximize scores by practicing under test-simulated conditions
  • Offers expert instructors to answer questions and solve problems
  • Includes a vocabulary builder that provides effective ways to learn 1,000 common SAT/ACT test words
  • Monitors student progress throughout the course and then links subject and strategy videos to missed and skipped questions for convenient review
  • Sends students email reminders to keep them on track
  • Features a Parental Support Center for keeping parents up-to-date

Customizable patron interface with library branding, plus the following:

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