Unlimited Patron Access to Movies, Documentaries, Shorts, and TV

IndieFlix is a movie service that offers access to pop culture favorites, box office hits, award-winning feature films, documentaries, and shorts. With IndieFlix, patrons can instantly view thousands of titles from around the world, including the best from classic TV, horror, comedy, film festival darlings, and more with public performance rights.

With our innovative pricing model, libraries now have an affordable way to offer patrons unlimited access to IndieFlix. Patrons can now binge-watch videos the same way they do on paid streaming services like Netflix―saving libraries up to 75% over other vendors.


Award-winning comedies, documentaries, drama, animation, shorts, and classic TV

  • Thousands of movies
  • Movies for everyone—dramas, comedies, documentaries, classic film and television, shorts, thrillers, and much more!
  • New content added weekly, including newly added PBS exclusive content!
  • Easy access and no downloading—stream on any computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Public performance rights for all movies

Sample titles available from IndieFlix:

  • Felix the Cat (1923)
  • House on Haunted Hill (1958)
  • The Propoosal (2015)
  • Taylor Swift: Life on Stage (2015)
  • 175 Grams (2015)
  • The Treehouse (2014)
  • Spies of Mississippi (2014)
  • Lost in LA (2014)
  • The Beverly Hillbillies (1960s)


“The next great thing in subscription-based movie viewing.”—Spotlight Seattle

“A fresh wrinkle in the independent film world.”—New York Times


Customizable patron interface with library branding, plus the following:

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