12 Reasons Why We Love eBooks

We #loveaudiobooks, but now that Audiobook Month has ended, it's time to show eBooks some love. Here are twelve reasons why we love eBooks:

1. Read in the Dark

An eReader screen is backlit so you don't need a light on to read and won't keep your partner up at night.

2. Instant Gratification

There is nothing better than being able to checkout and download a title the moment I decide I want to read it.

3. Zero Storage Space

eReaders can store hundreds of eBooks and are smaller than the size of one print book.

4. Customization

You can customize settings like the font size, background color, and line spacing to perfectly fit your preferences.

5. Never Damaged or Lost

The book itself will never get damaged or lost. The pages will never get torn. The cover will never get worn. An eBook is always brand new. 

6. Always Available

24/7 access even when the library is closed.

7. Bookmarking

It's a pet peeve of mine when people don't use a bookmark and instead fold down the page corners of a book. With an eBook you can digitally bookmark a page without creasing the corners.

8. Travel Light

You can carry around a library in your pocket! Having an eReader makes transporting books very easy especially on trips when you have several books that you would like to read. An eReader is a lot lighter and takes up a lot less space than a stack of books!

9. Saves Trees

This should be obvious, but nothing gets killed in the making of eBooks. Download a book, save a tree!

10. Privacy

No one knows what you are reading. No one gets to see the title and judge you for your terrible taste in literature. 

11. No Late Fee

No chance of a late fee. If you forget to return the book, it just disappears from your checked out titles list when it's due.

12. Free From Your Library

eBooks are one of the many free resources available from your library! 

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