14 Summer Reading Picks

School may be out, but that doesn't mean the learning has to stop. Be sure to make reading part of your summer. The 2016 summer reading theme is Wellness, Fitness, and Sports. Since June is Audiobook Month, we thought this would be a great time to highlight some audiobooks that fit with that theme. 

And just in case you had any doubt, listening to audiobooks is reading too! The benefits for children of listening to audiobooks include increased literacy, better comprehension, and improved listening, reading and learning skills. Actually, reading print while following along with an audio narration increases recall 40% over print alone. We encourage you to check out both the audiobook and print copy of a title from your library so that your child can follow along in the print book while listening. 

Another benefit of listening to audiobooks this summer? They're great for the car if you're traveling on vacation! And audiobooks have fun character voices, sound effects and music to keep your child (and you) engaged.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our list of summer reading audiobook picks: 


Three Burps and You're Out! by Nancy Krulik: George is the catcher for the school baseball team, but when they play their arch rivals in the championship game, will a magical super burp lead the Sugarman Sea Monkeys to victory or defeat? Narrated by Jonathan Todd Ross. 


Princess Posey and the First-Grade Ballet by Stephanie Greene: Valentine's Day is coming! Posey is so excited about her special ballet recital and giving cards to everyone at school. Then she learns that one of her classmates doesn't have any valentines to give out. Can Princess Posey and her tutu find the perfect way to help? Narrated by Stina Nielsen


Gee Whiz by Jane Smiley: Gee Whiz is a striking horse, and only part of that is because of his size. He is tall, but also graceful, yet his strides big but precise. At the same time, he keeps his eye on things, not as if he's suspicious, but as if he's curious. When Abby is confronted with an onslaught of reminders of just how little of the world she has seen, she finds herself connecting with Gee Whiz's calm and curious nature, and his desire to know more. Her brother receives a draft notice to Vietnam, her friends return for the holidays with stories from their boarding school in Southern California, and the wise, lovable Brother Abner opens her eyes with tales of his many years spent traveling. At the same time, her beloved Jack and True Blue are both faced with opportunities to broaden their horizons away from the ranch. Will she let them go, with hopes that she might one day do the same? Narrated by Angela Goethals. 


EllRay Jakes and the Beanstalk by Sally Warner: EllRay Jakes may be the shortest kid in his class, and he may get into trouble from time to time, but he can always count on his best friends Kevin and Corey. But lately, Kevin has been skateboarding with the meanest boy in class. Could EllRay be losing one of his friends? Not giving up without a fight, EllRay asks his older neighbor to show him a few jaw-dropping skateboard moves--like ollies and kickflips. EllRay must learn as many tricks as he can before the secret boys-only third grade skate-off. But will it be enough? Narrated by Corey Allen.


The Crossover by Kwame Alexander: Fourteen-year-old twin basketball stars Josh and Jordan wrestle with highs and lows on and off the court as their father ignores his declining health. Narrated by Corey Allen.


Froggy Plays T-Ball by Jonathan London: Jonathan London's acclaimed Froggy series stars a charming amphibian that young listeners have come to love. Froggy's adventures have taken him to school, restaurants, and even soccer fields. This time around, he's headed to the baseball diamond to play T-ball with all of his pals, including his best friend Max. But Froggy doesn't seem to be a very good ballplayer-that is until the final inning when the game is on the line! Narrated by John Mcdonough. Look for other Froggy stories from Recorded Books, including Froggy Plays Soccer and Froggy Rides a Bike


Willie & Me by Dan Gutman: With more than 1.5 million books sold, Dan Gutman's Baseball Card Adventures series brings the greatest players in history to life! Featuring black-and-white photographs and stats throughout, plus back matter separating fact from fiction, Willie & Me is the perfect mix of history and action for every young baseball fan.  Narrated by Johnny Heller. 


QB 1 by Mike Lupica: From #1 New York Times bestselling author of TRAVEL TEAM, HEAT, and MILLION-DOLLAR THROW comes a cheer-worthy, family-friendly football novel set amid the Friday Night Lights world of Texas high school football. Narrated by Nicholas Tecosky.


The Dog That Pitched a No-Hitter by Matt Christopher: Mike is facing a tough season in Little League this year. His team is scheduled to play their toughest opponents: the Bearcats and the Peach Street Mudders. Mike dreads pitching against sharp-eyed hitters like Bugsy O'Toole and Turtleneck Jones. Fortunately his telepathic Airedale, Harry, is ready to help him. With Harry showing him where to throw each ball, Mike keeps the Bearcats from winning too easily. But when Mike looks to Harry for help during the disastrous Peach Street Mudder game, he doesn't see his dog anywhere. How can Mike face the next determined batter alone? Matt Christopher has written many award-winning sports stories for beginning readers and young adults. Filling his more than 30 books with humor and gentle lessons about fair play and teamwork, he has become the favorite author of countless children and their parents. Narrated by Johnny Heller.


Mr. Putter & Tabby Drop the Ball by Cynthia Rylant: Mr. Putter and his fine cat, Tabby, love to take naps -- too many naps. What they need is a sport! Luckily Mrs.Teaberry and her good dog, Zeke, know of a baseball team they can join. It's not long before Mr. Putter is ready to play ball, but will his creaky knees cooperate? And can Zeke avoid wreaking havoc on the field? Win or lose, this baseball team will never be the same! Narrated by John Mcdonough.


Darius & Twig by Walter Dean MyersNew York Times bestselling author and Printz Award winner Walter Dean Myers once again connects with teenagers everywhere in Darius & Twig, a novel about friendship and needing to live your own dream. Darius and Twig are an unlikely pair: Darius is a writer whose only escape is his alter ego, a peregrine falcon named Fury, and Twig is a middle-distance runner striving for athletic success. But they are drawn together in the struggle to overcome the obstacles that Harlem life throws at them. The two friends must face down bullies, an abusive uncle, and the idea that they' ll be stuck in the same place forever in this touching and raw new teen novel from Walter Dean Myers, award-winning author of Monster, Kick, We Are America, Bad Boy, and many other celebrated literary works for children and teens. Narrated by Brandon Gill.


Fenway Fever by John Ritter: Widely praised for novels that celebrate the game of baseball while offering valuable life lessons, John H. Ritter has won such prestigious awards as the Paterson Prize for Children's Literature. Fenway Fever honors the 100th birthday of Fenway Park, the iconic home of the Boston Red Sox. Nothing makes ''Stats'' Pagano happier than his beloved Red Sox and his family's stadium-side hotdog stand. So when the team goes on a losing streak and the stand can no longer support itself, Stats comes up with a plan to turn things around. Narrated by Jim Colby.


Tallulah's Tutu by Marilyn Singer: Best-selling author Marilyn Singer's celebrated children's books have been named amongst the Top Ten Children's Books of the Year by Time. In this charming tale, Singer introduces Tallulah, a girl who wants nothing more than to be a ballerina. And not just any ballerina-a real one with a tutu! But when Tallulah finally gets to take a ballet class, she discovers that there's more to dancing than getting to wear a pretty, pink tutu. Narrated by Christina Moore.


Doomed to Dance by Annie Barrows: Annie Barrows has won critical acclaim and become fabulously popular among young readers for her enchanting Ivy and Bean books. In Doomed to Dance, Ivy and Bean pester their parents into letting them take ballet lessons-but ballet isn't quite what the girls thought it would be! And now they have to get through the entire ballet course, just like they promised. Will they have to take part in the dreaded recital, or can the girls find a way to weasel out of it? Narrated by Cassandra Morris. 
















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