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Johnny Heller is an award winning actor and teacher with over 25 years of experience in the industry in voice over, stage, television and stand up comedy.  He has narrated over 600 titles for adults, young adults and children—working in almost every genre. Heller is  a 2005 and 2009  Audie Award Winner, a double nominee in 2015,  a 2014 Nominee for Best Male Narrator, a double nominee in 2012 and was named a Best Voice of 2008 - 2011, 2014 and a Publishers Weekly Listen Up Award Winner 2008-2013.   A winner of over 20 Earphone Awards, Audiofile Magazine named Heller one of the top 50 voices of the 20th Century. 

Johnny Heller is probably best known for his narration of the Baseball Card Adventures series by Dan Gutman, which features a boy who has the amazing ability to travel in time and meet legendary baseball players as part of a daring quest to alter history. Johnny is also well known for his narration of the popular Horrible Harry children's book series by Suzy Kline; fairytales with a twist in the Grimm series by Adam Gidwitz; and the National Geographic Kids Chapters series, which tells true stories of amazing animal rescues You can also hear Johnny as the voice on Marley & Me by John Grogan and Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst, both of which were adapted into movies.


Johnny joined us this year at the PLA conference in Denver and Publishers Weekly's Library Lounge event at BEA in Chicago. Here are photos of him in our booth at PLA:



10 Q&A's with Johnny Heller:

Recorded Books: When did you narrate your first audiobook?
Johnny Heller: 1993?

RB: Do you have any superstitions?
JH:  Never walk under a ladder holding a black cat named "13".

RB: Favorite type of character/accent to narrate? 
JH: I enjoy the Chicago accent, British accents and I much prefer noir characters.

RB: What was your last/favorite non-audiobook gig?
JH: A TV Voice Over spot for Beggin Strips where my dog character says: "CHEWY!"

RB: What was the first audiobook you narrated?
JH: It was too long ago to recall - perhaps the Guttenberg Bible?

RB: Who is your celebrity crush? 
JH: Maraget Dumont

RB: Favorite TV/Stage/Film role? 
JH: Rufus T. Firefly

RB: What is your favorite book/TV show/movie? 
JH: Blazing Saddles

RB: List 5 adjectives to describe yourself.
JH: funny, flirtatious, sentimental, quixotic, mordant

RB: What is your life motto?
JH: Live each moment as though it were your last, and then take a nice nap -- that sort of constant passion is very tiring.


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