June Is Audiobook Month

Every June, the APA carries out a campaign to increase awareness and enthusiasm for audiobooks.  With the long list of benefits, it's no surprise that the popularity of audiobooks has skyrocketed over the last few years.

Audiobooks not only make long drives fly by for commuters, but they are a multitasker's dream. You can enjoy books while cleaning the house, cooking dinner, or working out at the gym. And, with a format that's proven to help students become better readers and listeners, audiobooks are also a favorite among parents and teachers. But even beyond that, audiobooks are simply fun. They bring print books to life with music, sound effects, and character voices. And sometimes you just want to close your eyes and let someone do the reading for you! With benefits as diverse as the listeners who enjoy them, audiobooks truly offer something for everyone ...

The 2017 JIAM theme is A Good Book Speaks Volumes

How you can participate in June Is Audiobook Month

Celebrate the greatest (in our humble opinion) month of the year by listening to books from your favorite authors and narrators! You can check out audiobooks from your local library on CD or eAudio through your library's website, or purchase titles from your preferred retailer. 

Libraries can promote Audiobook Month by hanging posters, setting out bookmarks and flyers,  displaying shelf talkers, and posting web banners on your website and social media pages. For your convenience, Recorded Books has made all of these materials available on our website for you to download and print for free!

What will Recorded Books be doing?

Throughout the month of June, we will be posting video clips of our narrators on our Facebook page – yes, you actually get to see what they look like – as they bring you something more to love for June is Audiobook Month. Have you heard of #LaidlawsRule? Follow Ramon de Ocampo and his compatriots down the figurative rabbit hole as they voice some of our most beloved works of literature, changing the second line of the book to see if Laidlaw’s Rule applies. Not familiar with Laidlaw’s Rule? You can read more about it here, but to see it in action, check out Ramon’s video.

But what about the books who don’t follow Laidlaw’s Rule? Well, not wanting anyone to be left out, some of our narrators took a different approach and recorded excerpts of literary texts using, let’s just say, an “usual” artistic voice. Ever wonder what Romeo and Juliet would sound like set in the foothills of Virginia? What if Juliet were a guy? Follow Will Damron’s backwoods narrative and see if you think his interpretation should be heading to Broadway.

And let's not forget about the more traditional excerpts. Our narrators are artists after all, and they all take their work seriously – and so do we (and maybe some of them didn’t understand what we were asking to do – not everyone has a squirrel voice (we’re looking at you Amanda Leigh Cobb!)). Even though they may not tease your funny bones as much as some of the others, we hope you appreciate the effort put in by all of our narrators to showcase what they do best – and actually SHOW it at the same time.

Watch our Facebook page throughout the month for our narrator video clips. And tell us why you like audiobooks and comment on the clips throughout the month – some of you just may win a free membership to Audiobooks.com.

Welcome to June is Audiobook Month!


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