Discovery Monday: Join

When facing a new week, you deserve a new book! 
For this week's Discovery Monday, we're featuring author Steve Toutonghi's debut novel, Join

What if you could live multiple lives simultaneously, have constant, perfect companionship, and never die? In the tradition of classic speculative fiction from David Mitchell and Philip K. Dick, Join is a literary sci-fi thriller that brings to life the "future of the mind," in which humans can merge consciousnesses to form permanent "Joins," expanding life and consciousness—but at what cost?

In an alternate near-future, Join allows for the fusing of several minds into a single consciousness with multiple bodies. But best friends Lucky and Leap encounter a terrifying malfunction in the Join technology and discover that the light of this miracle technology may be blinding them to its horrors. As they move into the heart of the new North America, devastated by environmental ruin, they meet the architects of a new kind of human consciousness, and their trust in each other becomes their only guide through the moral hazards of a society in which individual identity has come undone, and a sadistic killer with dozens of identities follows them in relentless pursuit.

This is literary sci-fi that poses major philosophical questions, while possessing the same propulsive quality of Mort(e) and the work of Philip K. Dick. An unconventional narrative shifts between the consciousnesses of each character, settling into a nice rhythm while keeping readers on their toes.

Listen to an excerpt from the audiobook, narrated by the Piter Marek!

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