Every format that a modern library needs is available from Recorded Books—from compact discs to print books, eBooks to DVDs.


Countless titles are available on compact disc (CD), including exclusive content and titles from all major audiobook publishers. 

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Recorded Books' wide-ranging DVD content includes a variety of independent and foreign films, as well as popular movies and college lectures from the world's most esteemed professors.

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The vast lineup of Recorded Books' eAudio titles can be downloaded for enjoyment on computers or through mobile apps for iOS, Kindle Fire, and Android.

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Recorded Books offers a large and growing selection of eBooks for patrons to enjoy on computers and mobile devices.  

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MP3 CDs contain compressed audio files, which means that they can accommodate more audio than standard CDs.

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Supplemental hardback and paperback print books are available for age ranges from beginning readers to young adults.

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