Arts Entertainment

The Arts & Entertainment category features titles focusing on all aspects of the performing arts, including film, stage, music, and dance. This also includes a comprehensive selection of works about crafts, fine arts, DIY projects, and photography.

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The height of literary achievement, classic works embody a timelessness and mastery of form while offering windows into our collective cultural history.

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Set amid mythical worlds and fantastical landscapes, these bestselling, award-winning fantasy titles encompass a wide range of subgenres, including urban romance, sword & sorcery, fairy tales, and epics.

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General Fiction

This extensive list of bestselling, award-winning general fiction titles comprises both mainstream works and literary fiction. The books collected here are sure to appeal to a broad base of patrons.

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Historical Fiction

Historical fiction (often associated with the tantalizing phrase “based on true events”) imparts new insights on the past and present by exploring historical periods through the eyes of fictional characters.

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This impressive lineup of history titles includes works from acclaimed historians, noted professors, and bestselling citizen-journalists.

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The humor category comprises titles that inspire laughter in audiences worldwide and features works by popular comedians, celebrities, and bestselling humorists.

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Juvenile Fiction

The juvenile-fiction collection features works from every genre. These titles appeal to a wide audience, from beginning readers to young adults.

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Juvenile Nonfiction

Biography, history, humor, and science are just a few of the genres found under juvenile nonfiction. This collection appeals to everyone from beginning readers to young adults.

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LGBTQ Interest

The LGBTQ collection includes titles focused on and of interest to the LGBTQ community, featuring bestsellers, memoirs, nonfiction works and titles as diverse as the authors featured in the collection.

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The lineup of mystery titles includes New York Times bestsellers, international favorites, and the recipients of such honors as the Edgar, Agatha, and Macavity Awards.

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Featuring the best of formal and free verse, this extensive offering of poetry highlights works from bestselling authors, laureates, scholars, and the most revered practitioners of the craft.

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The titles featured here illustrate the rich histories and social value of the various faith traditions, from ancient to modern. Self-help titles with a spiritual theme can be found among the inspirational nonfiction titles.

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Romance offerings include titles from New York Times bestselling authors, RITA winners, and other honorees. Crossover titles from fantasy, suspense, inspirational, and historical fiction may also be found in this collection.

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Sci Fi

Sci-fi transports audiences to worlds rife with untold possibility. The lineup of sci-fi authors includes award winners who appeal to those craving the genre’s myriad subcategories, including epics, space operas, alternate history, and hard science fiction.

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Science and technology are continually changing the way people see and interact with the world. The thought-provoking, eye-opening titles featured here are authored by acclaimed thought leaders in all major industries and scientific disciplines.

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Self Help

The self-improvement and personal-development collection is a virtual haven for life-coaching materials.

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Short Stories

The short stories collection provides literary snapshots that many argue are the purest distillation of narrative. This list features works from acclaimed authors, from the most celebrated collections, and in multiple genres and styles.

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Sports-related titles are of perennial interest, and this offering includes profiles of the athletes who make crowds stand up and cheer, in-depth looks at the history of the games themselves, and discussions about the value of sports in society, culture, and politics.

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A quintessentially American genre, the Western captures the pioneering spirit of the American experience.

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Women's Fiction

A flourishing category of literature, women’s fiction often includes elements of literary fiction, family drama, romance, and historical fiction to offer captivating stories focusing on women’s perspectives.

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